Take a Risk, H2O's sermon series for the beginning of 2017, is all about taking love-inspired risks. Here you will find challenges for you to take love-inspired risks. Further down the page, you will also find a written compilation of the H2O staff team taking some love-inspired risks in their lives. Risks can look many different ways; we hope and pray this can be an encouragement and inspiration to you as you follow Holy Spirit in taking your own love-inspired risks every day!

Daily Risk Challenges:

Day 1: Smile at a stranger.

Day 2: Meet someone you don't know (either in class or at work) and learn at least one fact about them.

Day 3: Smile, ask a stranger their name, and tell them Jesus loves them.

Day 4: Serve your family or those you live with in a sacrificial way – do something special (by cleaning the house, making dinner, washing the dishes, etc.).

Day 5: Memorize a Bible verse today and ask God for at least one person you could share it with to encourage their hearts.

Day 6: Pick a person at random from your Facebook friends, ask God how He sees them, and send them a message with whatever you sense Him sharing with you.

Day 7: Invite someone to Breathe – Ask God for one person in your classes/work that you can invite to church.

Day 8: Call someone you don’t often talk to and ask them how you can be praying for them. Say a prayer for them over the phone.

Day 9: The next time you go out to eat, tip your server like you were tipping yourself. Leave them a note telling them that God loves them. Suggested tip: $20 or more.

Day 10: The next time you check out at the store, ask your clerk how they are doing and how you can pray for them.

Day 11: Ask God to bring you to someone who needs to be invited into relationship with him. Be aware and be ready to share the Gospel.

Day 12: Visit a store and find one person to encourage or pray for.

Day 13: Invite someone over for dinner that you’ve met recently. Treat them to a great meal – no McDonald’s.

Day 14: Ask God to give you a Bible verse for someone you come across. Share the verse, and what you believe is it’s application, as the Holy Spirit directs.