Some weeks are busy and we miss Breathe.  Some weeks we're just so drained we barely listen.  Some weeks the information speaks so clearly to us that we just want to hear it again.  Sermon Summaries recap what you may have missed and may also have a slightly different feel or different information. Our hope is that they will be a resource for you!



Wounded // January 8

We live in a fallen world, which means there seems to be hardship around every twist and turn of life.  As we walk this earth, we get bruised, cut, mangled, and scarred.  Some cuts are fresh, others scabbed, and still others are covered by scar tissue.  We fight until we feel as if there is nothing left in us, until our last drop of strength is sucked from our bones.  But then what?  What do we do with the brokenness?  How do we keep fighting when we have nothing left to give?  How do we relate to God in the midst of our brokenness?

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More Than Wonder Bread

Slow Your Roll // November 20

We’ve probably all had that friend; the one who we eventually realize only liked our Xbox, pool, or toys.  Maybe you were that friend at some point. We know what it’s like to use and be used.  The realization that people only like you for what you can give them, rather than for who you are, stabs at the core of who we are.  However, how often do we treat Jesus that way?  We like the gifts He can give us, but only if He stays in our box of all things convenient.  As soon as He begins to break out of that box and challenge the way we live, His gifts no longer seem so sweet.

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Slow Your Roll // November 13

We do not have to live that way because we are children of God.  We do not have to live under the authority of the idols in our lives because Jesus set us free and broke the chains.  When temptations come, ask yourself what a child of God would do.  If you aren’t sure what the answer is, look to Jesus.  He is the perfect example that we can follow.  Throughout scripture, we can find Jesus in communion with the Father.

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Slow Your Roll // November 6

I love The Sims.  I love creating the perfect family and building them a dream house.  I love living vicariously through them as they get jobs as chefs, police officers, or star athletes.  As I get lost in their world, time slips away from me in mine.  Suddenly “I’m only going to play for an hour” turns into an entire day lost to a fake reality.  We all have our time leeches.  It is incredibly easy to get swept along by school, friends, work, or Netflix.  Our culture teaches us that if we’re not doing something, we’re wasting time.  Our schedules are so packed they begin to burst at the seams.  We constantly look for what comes next.  We need to have discipline in learning how to follow Jesus in a culture of busyness.



Gospel Fluency // October 30

In addition to these promises, He also promises that one day He will return.  He is not done with us yet, and it is His desire to see all His children choose a relationship with Him.  The Bible is God fighting to show us His true character- a character of abundant love, grace, and generosity.  How we view God’s character directly influences how we interact with Him.  If we doubt His character, we will approach Him with hesitation.



Gospel Fluency // October 23

We’re told time and time again that God wants to be with us.  He wants to have a relationship with us.  He wants us to talk to Him and spend time with Him.  In Matthew 1:23, it is written that Jesus’ name shall be Immanuel, which literally means God with us.

But if that’s true, why did He leave…?

With Abandon

Gospel Fluency // October 16

We have a Savior who is alive.  Let that sink in for a moment.

We serve a God who left His throne, was born as a baby, and experienced hunger, dirt, and hardship so that we would have someone who relates to what we’re going through.  He died the death we were supposed to die, so we no longer have to dread death.  But then something incredible happened.  He rose from the grave.



Gospel Fluency // October 9

Not only did Christ live the life we are called to live, He also died the death we were supposed to die.  He endured the most gruesome death known to mankind.  In fact, the word excruciating comes from crucifixion.


Out of Hiding

Gospel Fluency // October 2

What we truly need to understand is that Jesus died for our sin, and through his sacrifice we are made completely clean.  However another factor of His life that we cannot miss is that He lived for our righteousness.  He lived so we are able to have a right relationship with our Father in Heaven.




We Need We // September 25

As Jesus was talking to the Samaritan woman, the disciples came back from getting food.  I can picture them talking and laughing as they approach.  One notices Jesus talking to the woman, nudging the guy next to him.  Soon they’re all staring at the strange site, no one asking why Jesus is talking to a woman.  Their prejudice must have been clear as day.  Jews do not associate with Samaritans, and men do not chat with women


What Excuses Do you Make?

We Need We // September 18

There once was a woman.  Many people thought this woman was scummy.  She was promiscuous to say the least.  Her fifth marriage had failed, and now she was with a man who was not her husband (cultural taboo in her town). I think it’s safe to assume that she felt lost, alone, hopeless.  She was an outcast in her town, a town in a region that was outcasted in the area- an outcast of the outcasted.  She isolated herself, feeling like a burden to those around her.  She would often go to the town’s well in the hottest part of the afternoon knowing she would not see anyone there- who would want to draw water with the sun beating down on their neck?



We Need We // September 11

We’ve all felt it.  You’re very aware of who you are, who everyone else is, and how disjointed those are.  No one understands you.  No one knows you.  The feeling where all you want to do is go outside and feel the sunshine on your face, but the storm outside your door keeps you inside.