So much can be learned through what others in the community are being taught.  The following posts are from members of our community including devotionals, stories, and encouragement.




Friendship is such a strange thing. It can be so easily tainted and morphed into something that it shouldn’t be. My whole life I have struggled with friendships because I have always viewed friendship through the lens of flesh. When anxiety creeps up in my life, it comes from my morphed ideas around friendship.

by Mack Moroney


A Bundle of Cells

Cells. A bundle of cells.

A bundle of cells is all that I am

I do not compare, I have nothing to share

A bundle of cells, a bundle of cells

by Brock Rutzen


I have a class in thirty minutes, a homework assignment due the next day, and I have no time today for my novel.

But I stop, sit down, and close my eyes, “Lord-”

“My child.”

by Abigail Medin


Living Alive

A woman raises her hands in church and sways to the music that connects her inner being to the Most High. Yet, at work she only raises her hands in gestures of frustration.

A young boy attends summer camp for the first time. He accepts Christ (YAYYY), therefore, devoting his life to the Lord. Yet, when he goes to school, he rides the bus with his headphones in blaring useless words of the world.

by Ashley Payne


For Fear of Heaven and Less Rain

Today is a rainy day.  When I think about it too hard, I start questioning things like, “will it be rainy in heaven?” I wonder what rain feels like on an October day in paradise, when it’s cold outside, and here on earth it stings your cheeks.  I wonder if you think to yourself, “I should’ve put on a more waterproof jacket today,” as you make your way from work to your car.  Similarly, I want to know that I can sit inside a coffee shop at night, with the neon sandwich sign hanging above me as I watch the rain and drink with my hands wrapped around the mug.  I want to awake in the mornings and watch the sun rise each day, comparing it to the last, as I drive to work.

by Will Palumbo


A Blessing In Disguise

I hope everyone partakes in the act of missing at one point in their lives. Good news is, I believe everyone has and will many a time. I sure know I have (and let’s be real. i will.)

One misses the simplicity of childhood. Another misses a relationship; a relationship that may never be reconciled, but is not irreconcilable (might I add). Others miss a location and the way it was familiar and safe feeling. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing.

by Ashley Payne



How cool is it that we are able to see the Creator so evidently in His creation?  We are able to look at the ocean and praise Him for it.  We are able to look at the sunrise and mountains and stars and canyons and see His incredible beauty.  We look at the world around us and see that His creation is good...

by Erin Schmeichel



Prayer, or our attitudes about it, reveals a lot about us. Though all these examples are anecdotal, they all press into an intimate topic that muses how we see God. In fact, Christian poet, George Herbert, calls prayer a “natural human instinct” that we default to in distress. Prayer may be comforting, sometimes it’s even painful, and other times it draws blanks.

by Bryce Langley


Live For Light

I live

For light

Not made by the day

But by low ceilings

And boxy rooms,

With obscure books

And musty pages.

by Will Palumbo