Psalm 34:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Through many different avenues, God has been teaching me about the power of knowledge. I do not mean memorizing facts – even biblical facts. I mean knowing God on a deep level. Go check out 2 Peter 1 and see how much Peter emphasizes the “knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord”. It’s fascinating and his words help clear up what the power of knowledge means and the weight that it holds. I have heard in the past that it’s wise to study scripture to know more about God and such, but the substance of it really hit home for me when I heard Dan McCollam say, “Knowledge is the master key to the Kingdom of God.” This is more than scholarly work. This is more than having a database of facts stored up in your brain. God wants to show you Himself, through revelation of his attributes and character, in an experiential way.

Another quote that has stuck with me from Dan McCollam: “You will worship at the level of revelation you have.” What he means is that you can only praise and worship God according to how much you know about Him. The more we learn about God, and the more we know God, our praise and worship grow expand in the expanse of the greatness of God.

Psalm 34:8 is such a sweet invitation from the Lord. He is wooing his bride to gaze at the eternal adventure of knowing Jesus. I’m going to walk into that – starting now. I’m going to taste and see how good He really is. Will you join me?