Dinner for the Ladies (DFTL) is an event put on by the college men of Winona, MN to serve the ladies of the city. We believe that God has created them perfect in His image and that He loves each and every one of them. We feel that by selflessly serving the ladies, they may experience a small amount of love that Christ has for them.

More info at DFTL2015.com!


VALET SERVICE:   What better way to start off the night by not needing to walk in your stunning dresses and high heels? The men driving your cars have all received their driver's license so they are prepared to serve you! At the end of the night, we will even go get your car and pull it up to the door. There is also a coat check so you can safely store your belongings.

AWESOME FOOD:  With a team of men cooking in the kitchen, we are prepared to feed you! Let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy a free meal? The meal changes from year to year but you can always expect it to be delicious! We try to tailor the meal to fit within as many diatary contraints as possible.

POWERFUL MESSAGE:   Every year a speaker comes to talk with all the ladies. While the specific topic is dependent on the person speaking, the general theme of being loved is usually there. This is an encouraging message that helps you learn more about what true love is.

DANCING:   Get ready for a night where we have an awesome dance party! There will be loud music and awesome lights to help you find your groove. Bring your dancing shoes! You can't dance you say? We are sure half of the men can't either.

SELFLESS SERVICE:   Ladies, we want to serve you without any strings attached. You are loved by God and we want to show you how much both Him and us care about you. All the time put into this event is worth it just to see you ladies understand that you are loved.

THEME:   This year's theme is SPRING FEVER so grab your colorful dresses and floral headbands.