I’m a planner. If you asked anyone that knows me even a little they would tell you that I’m “the mom” of the group. I’m the girl that packs “emergency” supplies for every occasion. For example, things you can typically find in my backpack on an everyday basis are: enough snacks to feed a soccer team, 2 things of floss, like 20 pens, multiple  novels, a screwdriver, and Benadryl. Some of you look at that list and think I’m crazy, saying “when is she ever going to need all of that?” I look at it and say “man, I’m prepared for every situation!” In my eyes, I’ve prepared enough that if anything goes wrong with me or someone else, I have the resources to help make it better.
Which leads me to my second point. I’m a fixer. If someone comes to me with an issue, my brain immediately starts making a list of how I can fix it. You’re hungry? I have snacks! Your pen died? I have an extra! You’re having an allergic reaction? Here let me get you some Benadryl! I plan ahead so much so that when there’s a problem I can fix it.

But the contents of my backpack can only do so much. Sometimes there are issues only God has the resources to fix. My 2 packs of floss can’t fix a broken relationship. My screwdriver won’t help the disappointment of not getting that grade you wanted or that job you thought you were perfect for. And my granola bar can’t brake the chains of depression, abuse, and addition.

The truth is that I can’t plan for a lot of things that come up in life and I certainly can’t fix everything that happens. As tough as that thought is for someone like me, it also gives me some comfort. I don’t know a lot of things on how to help people, but God knows EVERYTHING about how to help people.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

I can plan and plan all day and never be prepared for some of the things life throws at me. I may exhaust all my resources trying to fix a situation and those things may never solve it. But that’s why God is God and I’m not. I’ve become comfortable with instead of making a list of solutions to solve an issue, simply saying, “I don’t know how to solve it, but God does.” God knows what we need. He is our all knowing, Heavenly Father who loves us so deeply, only wants the best for us, and wants us to seek His kingdom and His counsel BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. So let’s focus on turning to the one that has planned for everything and can fix any situation because the fact of the matter is, we can’t. But we are given the awesome opportunity to trust God and seek counsel from the only one that truly knows everything. What a gift that is!