Congrats! Fall semester is over! Breaks from school are wonderful. But they can also be hard. Here are 4 tips to help you have an awesome break: Set a few goals.

One of the reasons breaks are spiritually hard is that the good habits and routines - reading scripture, spending time in prayer, even working out - go out the window. So write down 3-5 goals for your break. I've made up some examples for you. Feel free to completely plagiarize this list:

-I am going to have a date with Jesus every day

-I am going to encourage 5 friends (call/Skype/message)

-I am going to read one book (I recommend "A Praying Life" by Paul Miller)

-I am going to get out and move for at least 20 minutes, 5 days a week

-I am going to do something every day to show a member of my family that I love them

Stay consistent.

Make a schedule for yourself on days that there is nothing going on. It will help you stick to the goals that you've set if you schedule a workout, reading time, and anything else you want to achieve. Try to get into some kind of routine even if that's simply spending some time in scripture right away in the morning.

Make community a priority.

One of the biggest enemies of spiritual health is isolation. It's easy to justify laziness or other bad decisions in our own minds. Simply saying to a friend, "I just want to watch 4 hours of Netflix instead of spending 30 minutes with Jesus and then watching 3 1/2 hours of Netflix" helps us to realize that we aren't acting like the person we want to be. Choose 1 or 2 good friends and set up a Skype date once a week to encourage one another.

Go out of your way to love on your Family.

It's easy to get "me focused" over break. “I just worked so hard all semester that I just need a break and I need every one to give me a break and I just need to chill and have a break from everyone and everything and I don't want people to bug me so I can rest and take it easy and not have to do any work and…" Rest is important but we need to continue to serve people. When we get "me focused" we feel like crap. We get to experience real joy when we serve others. So do some dishes, or make a meal, or take your younger sibling out to eat.

The quality of your break is up to you. Stick to these tips and have an awesome break!